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How to Earn the CPCA® Designation

The Age-Friendly Business® Academy confers the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation.

To earn this designation, individuals must demonstrate a solid understanding of the health, social, and financial aspects of aging.

Individuals can demonstrate the requisite knowledge and competencies and become a CPCA in good-standing by meeting any one of the criteria listed below.

  1. Enroll in one of the various CPCA training options (see below), attain a 75% or higher mark on the CPCA® designation exam, successfully meet the legal and regulatory disclosure requirements, and agree to abide by the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility. CPCAs must maintain their membership in good standing to continue to hold themselves out as Certified Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCAs).  This includes an annual membership fee, updated disclosure declaration, continued commitment to the Code of Professional Responsibility, and ongoing continuing education.

  2. Prove successful completion of a related or similar training course that covers the same topic areas. For instance, the Elder Planning Counselor* designation course is recognized as meeting the equivalent educational requirements. If a related training course does not cover specific modules included in the CPCA curriculum, interested professionals can take any number of the individual modules** offered in the CPCA designation curriculum to supplement the training. The applicant must achieve a 75% or higher mark on the supplemental modules completed. Once the applicant has proven proficiency in all the topic areas, and successfully met the legal and regulatory disclosure requirements, the applicant must agree to abide by the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility, pay the annual membership fee and a one-time designation entry fee.

  3. Professionals from Canada who earned the Certified Senior Advisors (CSA) designation and have let their membership lapse, can reinstate their membership as a CPCA. To reinstate membership as a CPCA, individuals must meet the legal and regulatory disclosure requirements, agree to abide by the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility, pay the annual membership fee and a one-time designation entry fee.

CPCA Training Options

Study Materials
Each registrant receives complete access to all 24 recorded modules. 18 Modules are mandatory, and the remaining 6 modules are chosen from a pool of options. This includes lectures, and up-to-date information on 50-plus and senior issues. View the full CPCA curriculum.


Independent Study Program- Start Reaping the Benefits NOW- Your Timing & Your Convenience

This format is self-paced, and you can complete the requirements in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Each online module includes test questions relating to the material covered in the module.  Once a module is complete, you can move on to the next module with no need for a final exam. Registrants must complete their studies within 6 months of their registration.
Investment: $1195 + applicable taxes - register now Lump sum and installment payments available.

Live Class - Powerful & Intensive

An intensive 3 1/2 day educational program taught in-person by faculty members from across Canada. The class ends with a closed-book, proctored, multiple-choice exam administered on the morning of the fourth day.
Available only to groups upon request – contact us to find out how we can customize a course for your team.

Fast Start - The Best of Both Worlds

A dynamic combination of Live Class and Independent Study. Experience the power of a live class session combined with the convenience of Independent study. One day of lectures taught by renowned faculty members to launch the program, and students complete the remainder of the material at their own convenience. Registrants must complete their studies within 3 months of the Fast Start live class one day event.

Available to groups upon request – contact us to find out how we can customize a course for your team..

*Elder Planning Counselor graduate wishing to secure CPCA Membership = annual membership fee + one time designation entry fee + applicable taxes

**Cost Per Individual Module And Exam Questions related to the module = View CPCA curriculum. for lists and pricing.


"I have three university degrees, but I learned more and benefited more from this program than any of them. This was a valuable learning experience."
Pat Hutchinson

"For any professional who thinks they know seniors - think again! This course is a must!"
Tania A. Brennae

"One of the best learning experiences I have been involved in."
Ron Wing

"I have gained confidence in dealing with seniors and their issues and feel I will now be able to communicate and service my senior clients much better, can't wait to try." 
Doug Sather

"This is an essential designation for anybody who works with mature adults. A superb comprehensive study "retreat".  For others who never get "around to it" (taking the course), good luck." 
Alistair D. Hicks

"It is very helpful for me to understand seniors who seem to live in a different world to what I am, and help seniors to cope with aging."
Georgia Kwok

"I was astounded that I knew so little about seniors after having been with grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents for most of my life. The course opened my understanding of seniors and I can not only use this information with my clients, but also with my parents and myself. Thank you."  
Robert D. Kelley

"This course is one of the best courses that I have ever taken. The value of this course opens your eyes to the needs, desires and wants of seniors. Never neglect a senior, they are too precious."
Charles F. Jireada

"As a baby boomer and one in the Sandwich Generation, the course came on time not only to help myself, but to get enough experience to take it to my clients."
Michael Rakhsha

"Phenominal! Best conference/seminar I have ever attended! This should be a university or personal betterment course. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Pierre Bousquet

"Should have taken this course years ago. Excellent sources of information all in one place. Very worthwhile."
Keith Inches

"What a powerful course. I will definitely be using this in my everyday contact with my clients. Thank you, my journey begins now."
Shelley Kuzak

"You have given me so much with these wonderful last three days. I am richer for being here."
Joan Bauer

"Opened my eyes to how much power we can have to help others with education and resources."
David. A. Swayn

"The course is an absolute must for advisors who intend to serve the seniors market.  On a personal level, I benefit immensely from the course as well – its helping me understand my parents and boomer friends better; and it will surely help me age more successfully."
May Fung