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Membership has its Benefits

Not only will CPCAs receive ongoing education about the unique needs of our aging population, CPCAs in good-standing also have access to:
Exclusive CPCA® designation - The CPCA mark, logo and designation may be used on your business card, signature line and correspondence, proudly displaying your commitment to Canada 's fastest growing and most valued segment of our population.
Referrals To You - To help promote you to the Canadian public, your CPCA business contact information can be searched on the "Find a CPCA Near You" option on the public website at www.AgeFriendlyBusiness.com and at www.cpcacanada.com (Please note that no e-mail information is shared to help protect you from spam)
Monthly Business Growth Toolbox that is exclusive, personalized, and professionally prepared for Age-Friendly Business® (AFB) members only. At the beginning of each month, CPCAs receive an e-mail giving them access to:
  Client Newsletter personalized with your contact information to support your regular client communications.
  Article for your blog, local newspaper, or your own newsletter.
  Direct Mail piece to attract new clients.
  Client Appreciation and Prospect special event, with supporting advertising materials, press releases, and customized drip campaign.
Education Matters - Access to member refresher courses, on-going Webinars, and information on topical issues to support your education and compliance needs. Special pricing on all ancillary courses, such as the new 'Aging and The Law' 12 part series.
Members Matter - Marketing tips, resource tips, and information about what is happening at the Age-Friendly Business®.
Networking Events - Networking opportunities are held in conjunction with the Fast Start/Finish Classes and offered across Canada . These popular events bring together CPCA members to share ideas and learn what other CPCAs are doing to successfully use the materials and support in their personal and professional lives.
Public Recognition of the CPCA Designation - Age-Friendly Business® (AFB) is dedicated to promoting the CPCA brand with the public. AFB has invited CPCAs throughout the country to act as Ambassadors to promote the value of the CPCA designation to the general public and to encourage boomers and seniors to work with a CPCA who has earned the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.
Exclusive Members-Only Website - CPCAs have access to a robust and expanding website designed to assist CPCAs apply the information they learned in the course materials in their personal and professional lives.
Resource Library - In the members-only section of the website, CPCAs find an extensive and growing Resource Library. Here members can access links and resources to topics like: Seniors Housing, Caregivers and Care-giving, End of Life Planning, Financial & Estate Planning, Seniors Health, Nutrition & Fitness, etc.
CE Credits - Our Continuing Education program ensures the continued credibility and dedication of all CPCA members.
Dedicated AFB® staff - In addition to staff members dedicated to member support and services, the entire team at Age-Friendly Business® is always available by phone or email to assist with questions and resources that will ensure continued success with marketing to seniors and boomers.

"A must for anyone dealing with seniors. I highly recommend it and feel the investment in time and money was more than worth it."
Ken O'Toole

"The training and the designation has brought tangible and immediate results to my business, allowing me to triple the assets under my administration. The designation has meant better referrals, better assets and more profits. I am much more aware of the concerns of my boomer and senior clients, I'm able to listen more effectively, and am confident that I understand their world a lot better and can better serve their needs. There is no downside to the training! My best advice is to take the course and publicize the fact!"
Alan Atkins

"I have doubled my income over the past year, having successfully taken over my father's business. My father's book of business was an established one with long-term clients, and it was important for me to effectively relate to them and gain their respect and trust. The training offered was the answer! The course and designation is by far the best training available to make one more aware of the needs of seniors, to understand how they think, what their risk awareness is and to generally service their needs more effectively."
David Kirkup

"Earning this designation has helped me to triple my business and become one of the top insurance and Long Term Care advisors in Canada for RBC. My referrals have increased dramatically, and I host seminars that regularly attract more than 100 participants. Getting the designation has helped me to shift from working in my business, to working on my business! The course has also changed me personally, making me more empathetic and patient. It has given me a context for understanding seniors' emotional, health and social concerns and I am now more than a good purveyor of products, but a true life event planning-focused advisor."
Greg Pearson

"The training and the designation has enhanced our credibility, and distinguishes our business from others in the eyes of our clients. The training is an excellent starting point to develop an increased awareness and understanding of the issues seniors and boomers face each day. It has helped us to spot developing issues much more quickly, and helps us work more knowledgeably with other professionals who work with seniors."
Robert Grose

"Not only has this course given me an excellent perspective on delivering my service to seniors. I now believe I can become a more positive, healthy and integrated senior myself."
Heather Thurston

"What a business opportunity! After all, in 2025, 1 in 4 individuals will be a senior! Nothing else out there compares with this course, or can better prepare you for dealing with seniors and understanding them."
Leslie Ann Clarkson

"If you are in the financial services industry, this is the best single step you can take for your senior clients. If you are in any business that serves seniors, this course will do more for your understanding of that market than anything else."
Rick Hoogendoorn

"I was unable to find an institution offering adequate insight into non-medical needs and aspirations of seniors - all in one place.  So, I enrolled in a recent Toronto class and gained tremendous insights into marketing to seniors for my niche law practice which focuses on tax-saving inspired Will Trust planning for the semi-affluent.  I heartily recommend that all financial and insurance professionals as well as anyone else who provides service to seniors take this excellent course and join me as member of this dynamic organization." Pat Murphy

Membership in Age-Friendly Business®

Included in your Certified Professional Consultant on Aging® (CPCA) course tuition is a one year complimentary membership in Age-Friendly Business® (AFB). Thereafter, annual membership renewal dues are $195 plus applicable taxes. Renewal fees go toward the ongoing development of member support services, as well as funding the independent Board of Standards.

Each membership renewal is for a period of 12 months. Dues are payable in advance of the membership renewal date which can be viewed at any time on the member-only section of the official CPCA website www.cpcacanada.com. Current dues can be paid through lump sum or monthly on-line payments for ease and convenience.

Participate in our Referral Credit Program and continue to get your membership for free!  If someone who has registered for a CPCA course has named you as the person who referred them, you will receive 1 credit. Referral credits can be banked and used during any year for membership renewal. 1 referral credit is equal to $100 off your renewal, so refer 2 persons each year, and you will never have to pay any renewal fee!  It is in your best interest to spread the word regarding the benefits of taking the CPCA® course.

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