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CPCA® Code of Professional Responsibility

We believe that people of all ages deserve a place in our communities and our businesses where they are welcome, acknowledged, safe and respected, and that when this happens, everybody wins.

The Certified Professional Consultant on Aging designation course is an important component of the overall Age-Friendly® service revolution. Age-Friendly® was inspired by the United Nations endorsed Age-Friendly Cities initiative embraced throughout the world.

It is our vision to expand the application of this noble undertaking, recognizing that businesses, professionals, and commercial interactions form an essential aspect of our maturing communities’ experience.

We believe that with our Age-Friendly Business® educational programs, with increased awareness, and with a will to make a difference, a history of age-discrimination and one-size fits all service is becoming a thing of the past.

We believe that all levels of business and service have a role to play in the quality of inter-generational interaction within our communities.

Certified Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA)® are professionals from a variety of industries who:

Are dedicated to service excellence;
Are life-time learners;
Have made the investment and commitment to better understand and serve the maturing population with skill, respect, and compassion.
This CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility identifies the fundamental principles that inform and direct the conduct of each individual maintaining the CPCA designation in good-standing.

CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility

  1. CPCAs agree to be honest in all their communications and interactions, and to reflect accurately the benefits and features of their services and products.

  2. It is understood that professionals holding the CPCA designation come from a variety of disciplines, and that many of these disciplines obligate the individual to their specific code of conduct. CPCAs agree to uphold the requirements of their particular discipline or industry, and recognize that this CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility supports and supplements other related codes of conduct.

  3. CPCAs agree to place the interests of the client above those of personal gain.

  4. CPCAs agree to respect the confidentiality of the client's information, and to abide by the appropriate privacy legislation governing their province/territory and industry.

  5. CPCAs agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner, refraining from profanity, or any other public behaviours that would be generally considered as vulgar inappropriate or offensive.

  6. CPCAs agree to treat the public, associates and colleagues with respect.

  7. CPCAs agree to engage in fair competition and to refrain from disparaging comments about competitive companies and individuals.

  8. CPCAs agree to non-discriminatory practices, and to operate within the spirit and intention of international, national, provincial/territorial human rights codes.

  9. CPCAs agree to keep up to date on developments within their disciplines, and to adhere to any continuing education requirements necessary to maintain the CPCA designation in good-standing.

  10. An Independent Board of Standards assists in maintaining the integrity of this designation by enforcing the principles through adjudication of complaints against individual CPCAs as it relates to their adherence to this Code of Professional Responsibility. CPCAs accept their responsibility for compliance with this code, and accept the determination and findings of the Independent Board of Standards in the event of a formal complaint review.