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Top of Your Game…

But Not Fully Leveraging the Massive Potential of Boomers and Seniors?

If you deal in a professional manner on a one-on-one basis with those 50+, this information is highly important to you.

This is designed for specific individuals like you that make up a tiny minority of the professionals serving a maturing clientele.

  • You're already a leader in your field, and you are always looking for ways to move up even further in the years to come...

  • You know that the boomer and senior market is the perfect environment for building a relationship model service environment

  • You understand that the market has undergone a substantial shift in the past 3 years, and boomers and seniors still remain the greatest opportunity for professionals today

  • You are fed up with training programs that do not provide practical tools and customized marketing strategies that help you see tangible business results right away

  • You need to acquire Continuing Education Credits, and don't want to waste your time in programs that won't have a direct and immediate impact on your business.

You know all this, yet still need to understand the intricacies of dealing with a more discriminating demographic like those over 50 years of age.

Age Friendly Business® welcomes you to a new world.

A world where professionals are completely in tune with the greatest demographic opportunity available today.

And a place where you are highly rewarded for your initiative in learning, understanding, and serving boomers and seniors.

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The Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation Program offers:

Outstanding Education,
Respected Designation, and
Comprehensive Marketing Plan in a
Single Source Solution!

We've created the top training in the world to teach you how to grow your business by harnessing the power of the 50+ Market. 

We teach you how to talk with this market, how to care for them, and how your business can benefit by making Boomers and Seniors a larger part of your customer base.  Once you've successfully completed this training, you will have earned the right to use the CPCA designation to identify yourself to this market and to differentiate yourself from the competition. And we even take it one step further.  We provide you with all the marketing tools to attract this market and make it a larger part of your client portfolio.

With the CPCA® course and designation, you will:

  • Learn about the unique needs and concerns of the largest and most lucrative market;

  • Provide relevant, appropriate and respectful service;

  • Protect your current business;

  • Attract your ideal clients;

  • Access tools to increase your revenues;

  • Earn a respected designation that will differentiate you in your community as a valued professional; and above all

  • Rest assured you are doing the Right Things for the
    Right Reasons.

.and here is the KEY - without paying one cent more..

Access an Exclusive, Customized, Complimentary and Complete
Marketing Solution.

so you are free to do
what you do best -
provide an exceptional and caring
client experience!


If you're a professional wanting to excel in this market, we CAN help you.
From our free Mini-Series , to our Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) Designation Program and our comprehensive Marketing Kit and Membership Benefits , consider this your place for timely information on Boomers and Seniors.  

"The training and the designation has brought tangible and immediate results to my business, allowing me to triple the assets under my administration. The designation has meant better referrals, better assets and more profits. I am much more aware of the concerns of my boomer and senior clients, I'm able to listen more effectively, and am confident that I understand their world a lot better and can better serve their needs."
Alan Atkins

"I use the information I've gained through the training and the designation every day. It gives one a whole new perspective on the needs of seniors and boomers, and has helped me to not only deal with my own aging parents, but also with boomer and senior clients."
Barbra Hopkins

"The training and designation has enhanced our credibility, and distinguishes our business from others in the eyes of our clients."
Robert Grosse

"I have doubled my income over the past year, having successfully taken over my father's business."
David Kirkup

"Our Retail team has been much better equipped to address senior issues because of the growing number of graduates in our company."
Gord Johnson